Grilled sourdough topped with perfectly poached eggs and fresh hollandaise, served with smashed potatoes

Almost Classic Ham

smoked kessler ham, sharp dijon mustard, hollandaise, 2 eggs $16.50

Cordon Bleu

smoked chicken, ham, dijon mustard, cheesy sauce, tempura crisp, 2 eggs $17.50


smoked salmon lox, crispy caper, pickled red onion, holly, 2 eggs $18.00

Italian Stallion

BC greenhouse tomato, house mascarpone, pumpkin seed pesto, holly, 2 eggs $16.00

Baller Mushroom

sauteed mushroom and garlic, squeaky cheese curd, truffle oil, holly, 2 eggs $16.50

Vegan’s Rock

warm avocado, cashew tahini sauce, caramelized onion, roasted mushroom $16.50


Big Brunch Bowls

All of our brunch bowls are served on top of crispy smashed potatoes

Epic Vegan

grilled tofu, quinoa salad, avo, vegan mayo, Krafty hot sauce $15.50

Truffled Mushroom

fragrant mushrooms, gooey cheese curd, hollandaise, PRO, 2 poached eggs $16.50

Lotsa Lox

smoked salmon, pickled red onion, crispy capers, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs $18.00

Rueben Bowl

house pastrami, aged cheddar, pickled cabbage, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs $17.50


fried chicken, bulldog sauce, mayo, bonito, crispy nori, 2 poached eggs $18.00

The Big Boy

duck confit, ham, pork belly, mushrooms, cheese curd, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs $22.00

Baja Bowl

spicy pork belly, gooey cheese curd, chipotle, tomato, avocado, 2 poached eggs $19.00


Our sandwiches are served with our duck fat fries (vegetable oil available) substitude vegan ceasar + 2.50 or wedge salad +2.50

Fried Chicken

crispy fried chicken thigh, spicy mayo, herb slaw, ginger dressing $16.50

Miss Reuben

house pastrami, aged cheddar, pickled cabbage, milli sauce, grilled sourdough $17.00

The Krafty Burger

7oz ground chuck, millionaire sauce, aged cheddar, shaved lettuce, milk bun (+Add Egg $1.00 | +Add Mushroom $1.00 | +Add Bacon $2.00) $19.00

Pork Belly

crispy pork belly, avocado, kimchi, iceberg lettuce, general tsao glaze, milk bun $16.50


Vegan Caesar

chopped romaine, crispy caper, crouton, nori, smoked tofu dressing $14.00


ham, gorgonzola, tomato, cucumber, egg, pumpkin seed, buttermilk dressing $19.00

The Beets

local beet, house mascarpone, greens, candied walnut, cherry vinaigrette $17.00

Crunchy Grains

crunchy cabbage, quinoa, local kale, pickled cherry, avocado, chipotle vinaigrette $17.00


A plate sized buttermilk pancake griddled to a perfect golden brown

Smoked Salmon

salmon lox, pickled onion, house boursin cheese, crispy caper, dill $18.50

Fried Chicken

buttermilk brined chicken thighs, apple and cheddar Waldorf salad, hot sauce $23.00

Banana Pancake

not local banana, apple compote, sweet creme fraiche, maple syrup $14.00