All About the Benedicts

All of our bennies are served on grilled sourdough with crispy potatoes and local greens


smoked kessler ham, sharp dijon mustard, hollandaise, 2 eggs $21.00

Baller Mushroom

Fragrant mushrooms, gooey cheese curd, truffle oil, hollandaise, 2 eggs $20.00


smoked salmon lox, crispy caper, pickled red onion, hollandaise, 2 eggs $22.00

All About the Veggies

Feta, avocado smash, heirloom tomato, cilantro $19.00


Brunch Bowls

Our brunch bowls are served on top of crispy potatoes and a bed of spinach

Insane in the Membowl

Nat(cho) ‘beef’, avocado, corn salsa, cilantro. $18.50

Truffle on my Mind

Fragrant mushrooms, gooey cheese curd, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs $20.50

The Canadian Offishall

Ham, bacon, mushrooms, cheese curd, hollandaise, maple syrup, 2 eggs $20.00

Notorious BLT

Pork belly, tomato, buttermilk greens, cheese curd, hollandaise, 2 eggs $20.00

Got Chick or Fry Tryin’

Buttermilk fried chicken, blue cheese, hot sauce, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs $20.50

Pop Lox and Drop It

smoked salmon, pickled red onion, crispy capers, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs $22.00

In Da Club

Atlantic Lobster and prawn, cheese curd, tomato, bacon, 2 poached eggs$33.00

Fresh Cakes of Bel Air

Two light, fluffy buttermilk pancakes with signature toppings

Hypnotize Me

Seasonal compote, whipped creme cheese icing, maple syrup$21.00

The Regulator

Buttermilk fried chicken, apple cheddar waldorf, walnut, buffalo sauce$26.00

Ghetto Fabulous

Smoked salmon, capers, 2 poached eggs, hollandaise, classic lox toppings.$24.00