‘17 Blanc de Noir

Lunessence Downward dog with a raspberry smoothie and a crazy straw $55.00

‘16 Riesling

8th Generation Climbing a gala apple tree to get your frisbee….. and your cat $63.00

‘16 Chardonnay

Tinhorn Creek Do you like Pina Colada? How bout fat chards? $63.00

‘17 Riesling

Synchromesh, SHV Apple and ginger beef, as tasty as fast food after the bar $72.00

‘16 Muscat

Hatch Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell went figure skating $11.50/55

‘15 Sauvignon Blanc

Lock and Worth In a grapefruit floaty on the Garonne River eating oysters $13.00/62

‘15 Chardonnay

Church & State Moonlight cream corn fight in a corn maze $14.50/70

‘15 Riesling

Kitsch Skinnydipping in a pool filled with honey $13.00/62

‘16 Pinot Gris

Screaming Frenzy Sharing a fruit-by-the-foot lady and tramp style $12.00/57