‘15 Fortissimo

LaStella A black and blueberry fight on a cocoa shag carpet $83.00

‘15 Cabernet Franc

Tinhorn Creek Gingerbread man skipping through a burning cherry orchard $63.00

‘15 Merlot

Corcelettes Smokey and jammy, a true Similkameen Merlot $75.00

‘15 Unicorn

Dynasty Gucci wearin, low ridin, spice poppin, berry droppin $110.00

‘14 Cab Sauvignon

Kettle Valley Clint eastwood 1966 chewing dry cherries and kicking ass $62.00

‘15 Malbec

Misconduct She gave you a wild rose and juicy kiss $65.00

‘15 Meritage

Noble Ridge Merlot + Heritage, Black + Blue, tobacco + violets $14.75/70

‘15 Merlot

Fairview Cellars A glorious hike up Knox Mountain in her finest silk dress $13.50/65

‘15 Syrah

Church & State Petting Cassis in a cherry wood barn while smoking a cigar $15.50/75