Earl Grey infused gin, lemon, elderflower
"High tea at yoga class, pinkies up" $12.00

My Sweet Clementine

Mezcal, lime, orange, Grand Marnier, cilantro
"Her heart was made of liquid sunsets" $14.00

Debbie, Don’t

Tequila, amaro, lemon, maple
"Like duct tape, tequila fixes everything" $14.50

Espresso Yourself

Jamesons, Licor 43, espresso, cream
"Forget love....fall in coffee" $13.00

Green Machine

Gin, lemon, basil, kiwi
"You hold the kiwi to my heart" $12.50

Brown Butter Daiquiri

Butter-washed rum, lime, a Krafty classic
"Yo ho ho, a pirate's life for me!" $12.00


Tequila blanc, watermelon, lime
"Rise and rind" $13.50

Empress New Groove

Empress gin, hibiscus, lemon, soda
"When the sun hits that ridge just right" $14.00

Another One

Bourbon, maraschino, orange vermouth
"What is coming is better than what is gone" $13.00

Sebastián Piñera

Havana 3 rum, pisco, bittersweet vermouth
"I'm just here for the après" $13.50

Pineapple Mule

Pineapple vodka, lime, ginger beer, angostura
"As strong as one and twice as stubborn" $12.00

Tropic Thunder

Coconut liqueur, Havana 3 rum, pineapple, lime
"I don't read the script, the script reads me" $12.50

The Seelbach

Bourbon, lemon, Grand Marnier, bubbles, Peychauds
"A classic, rediscovered in the 90s after decades of obscurity" $12.50

The Krafty Caesar

Gin, house caesar mix, habanero, pickle, pepperoni
"Saves your life every Sunday morning" $10.00

Dealer’s Choice

Indecisive? Let the bartender take the wheel $14.00

Cocktail of the Day

Seasonal, dynamic, experimental $13.00

Beer, Ciders & More

Our seasonal quenchers are always up to the moment

Juxtapose Wild IPA

Four Winds
16oz $8.00

Project 9 Pilsner

Fernie Brewing
16oz $8.00

Fresh Hop IPA

16oz $9.00

Purple Rain Sour Ale

BNA Brewing
Can $7.00

Del’s Super Cool Wine Spritzer

Can $7.50

Upside Cider

500ml bottle $15.00


Local wine, brandy, fresh pressed juice


Alcohol Free

We source and create local faves

Fruit Juice

Orange, apple, grapefruit


Ask your server $5.50

Ginger Beer


Cranberry Soda


Iced Tea


Honey Lemonade


Red Racer IPA 0.5%


Warsteiner Fresh 0%


Craft Soda by Phillips

Root beer, orange cream, ginger ale, cola $6.00